Katie Loves Blake Now? 'The Bachelorette' Shift Heard Around The Nation

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Katie Loves Blake Now? 'The Bachelorette' Shift Heard Around The Nation

"What a turn of events," as Kaitlyn Bristowe put it. On Monday night's Bachelorette finale, Katie spent the first 30 minutes moping around a Hyatt in New Mexico, heartbroken over Greg's sudden exit. Then at around minute 45 of the three hour Bachelorette finale, Katie said the words Greg and Blake have both been waiting for... "I fucking love you."

It's the shift for me.

Katie telling Blake she loves him on The Bachelorette is exciting! We always love when a lead finds someone they truly love and can hopefully spend their entire life with. But I'd be remiss if I didn't spend one second talking about how one moment Katie was wrapped up in a Southwest-style hotel blanket, that you know was itchy, crying about Greg to another moment telling Blake she loves him (multiple times!) and telling Kaitlyn it was "the best day of her life."

OK, I'm done talking about it.

Now let's get into what was said. First it was a lot of "Yeahs" and "Wows" (stand down fans who believe Katie can't be emotional) but then it turned into something that Ben Higgins knows all too well. The before-the-finale "I love you." Let's "listen" in...

Wow. I'm like... I'm speechless because, as you're talking about love and sharing it, you know, I'm relating. I'm like, "Yes. Yes." I haven't said it to anybody. I've wanted to hold that close. I've wanted to wait for that special person, because it is a big deal. It's a huge word. And [laughs]... and as much as I want to be stubborn and, just like you, it's scary and it's crazy, but I fucking love you so much and I couldn't be happier that you're here. I'm so glad.

Of course there are a few ways people can look at this moment. First, there's the romantic's way of approaching it:

  • Katie didn't realize she was so in love with Blake until she was freed of Greg. She took the first moment she could to express that love with an "I fucking love you so much." Aww...

Then there's the "rational viewer" as Oscar from The Office would call it. The "rational viewer" doesn't watch this show for love — they want the drama — but they can recognize that some strong relationships do come out of it. If that's you, you may feel like this right about now...

  • Katie thought she loved Greg but having him leave and hearing Blake profess his love for her made her feel comfortable enough to open up herself. If she felt this way about Greg, she would have said it. But she didn't, so she clearly didn't love Greg. She "fucking loves" Blake. So much. Aww.

Finally, there's the cynic. The person who may watch this and say that Katie is just doing this to have someone at the end. Well in that case, at least her and Blake bonded over their love of "this." They're perfect for each other!

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