When A Bachelorette Slides Into Your DMs, Things Get Interesting...

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When A Bachelorette Slides Into Your DMs, Things Get Interesting...

Let me start by introducing myself. I am “this Morgan person,” as former Bachelor and host of the Viall Files podcast, Nick Viall would say. But how did I become “this Morgan person,” with all the Bachelor Nation tea?

The internet is a funny place. What started as a quarantine hobby to pass the time has turned into somewhat of an online brand and persona. When I first started TikTok, I had no idea that I would become a “pop culture expert” or anything of the sort. I knew I was passionate and knowledgeable about pop culture and reality TV, but I never thought it could be the start of a following and maybe even a career.

Early in the pandemic, I was living alone, working from home, isolated from my family and my boyfriend who lived in a different country. And like most of us, I was depressed. There was nothing to look forward to, except whatever Bravo marathon was on that day. I binged a lot of TV during quarantine.

One day I posted a TikTok about rules the Housewives had to follow, and it blew up. I’m talking like, four million views or something insane. And that’s when the moniker “morganptalks” was born. I talked about pop culture and reality TV every day for my “real job” as a morning radio host; why not repurpose the information I already knew and talk about it online?

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