Is This Bachelor Nation Music Video Just An Ad For State Farm? Let's Investigate

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Is This Bachelor Nation Music Video Just An Ad For State Farm? Let's Investigate

Bachelor Nation is known for two things: wild relationship drama and spon-con. Just a few key moments on the show can set you up with Instagram sponsorships for at least a few months. Everything can be monetized, even Listen To Your Heart alum Natascha Bessez's music video, which, TBH, looks like an elaborate State Farm ad thanks to a cameo from Mike Johnson.

With everything going on in Bachelor Nation, it's sometimes hard to remember that The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart, the singing and dating competition hybrid that aired in the spring of 2020, wasn't a collective quarantine-induced hallucination. It was real. Though it failed to launch any lasting couples — winners Bri Stauss and Chris Watson split in January — or massive music careers (so far), Listen To Your Heart did, indeed, happen. And now its legacy is merging with Bach Nation mainstream in Natascha's upcoming music video.

On April 7, Natascha revealed that fan favorite Mike Johnson (#MikeForBachelor always) would be starring in her video for her new single "Mula to La Luna." She even released a teaser clip, which shows her stranded on the side of a desert road when Mike drives his red, puppy-filled convertible up to her and offers her a ride. (I normally wouldn't advise getting into cars with strange men, but if that man is Mike Johnson and that car is full of puppies, I'd make an exception.)

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