How Much Money Did Michelle & Nayte Get For Their House On 'After The Final Rose'?

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How Much Money Did Michelle & Nayte Get For Their House On 'After The Final Rose'?

'Tis the season to be giving, and that's what Bachelor Nation did for Michelle and Nayte on Tuesday's After the Final Rose. The two, who got engaged in the finale earlier in the night, were presented with a hefty check for a downpayment for a home on the live special, and let's just say they're gonna be able to buy a pretty nice home.

During the live finale, Kaitlyn Bristowe asked if Nayte would be leaving Texas, where he currently lives, and if the two would be moving in together. That's the plan, according to Nayte, who said he had every intention of moving to Minnesota in the "next few months." Sounds like a plan, buddy, especially after he said he didn't like to be tied down to one place during his date where here met Michelle's parents.

After he confirmed that he would be moving to Minnesota — and thank God that he did... imagine if he wasn't going to be moving in with Michelle and they gave them this check — Kaitlyn presented Michelle and Nayte with a gingerbread house. And inside that house was a check that she says is intended for a downpayment on their first home.

So how much is the check for? (We're all asking that right?)

"$200,000," Michelle said to Nayte in pure shock.

$200,000 is a hefty downpayment, if it's fully representative of the home they're buying. It's also just about $80,000 shy of the median price of the average home in Minnesota, according to Business Insider. If Michelle and Nayte were to use the full $200,000 as a downpayment on their future home (usually about 3.5%), that means that they would be looking at a house worth about $5.7 million. And yes, this money will probably be taxed and will probably not just be a small percentage of their future home — but that's not a fun mindset to live in for this next part.

Nayte said his Zillow notifications were nonstop, but sir, I have notifications for towns I don't even live in. And consider Minneapolis the newest one. I couldn't even find a house on Zillow in Minneapolis with a $5.7 million budget (the highest I saw in the general area was $4.9 million), but I did find this $4.5 million house in Minneapolis that they could consider, should they want to live large with that new check. Five bedrooms, six baths, just over 7,000 sq. ft. Even has a medieval-style family room! Money talks, wealth whispers, and Bachelor money says, LET'S GO TO MEDIEVAL TIMES.

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