Greg Grippo Doesn’t Need The Bachelor

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Greg Grippo Doesn’t Need The Bachelor

According to Bachelor insider, Reality Steve, ABC is reportedly looking towards Greg Grippo as the next Bachelor lead. Per a series of tweets, the TV blogger revealed that he is being "told" it is going to be Greg, and while nothing is "official" until ABC announces it themselves, he would "be very surprised if it’s not him."

No offense to Greg but... no ❤️. While people can debate whether or not having Greg back on the show is the right fit following the fallout with Katie Thurston in which she suggested he was gaslighting her, we can all agree that Greg is simply not ready to be the Bachelor. Over the past handful of seasons, the Bachelor lead has been someone who doesn't know what they want, flip flops in their priorities, and aimlessly wanders through cocktail party after cocktail party with no endgame (the actual desire to get married) in sight.

The Bachelor lead needs to be a man who knows what he wants. Who has been in enough serious relationships to know what works for him and what doesn't. Who doesn't get distracted by drama or overwhelmed with decisions. Who wears pants that don't show his ankles. (Just a personal preference.) The Bachelor needs Michael A.

Hear more of my thoughts on the Greg Grippo rumor, plus what celeb couple I'm obsessed with and a passionate plea to crown High School Musical 2 the best of the franchise, all on today's Pop Chaser.

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