Ed, Buddy, Read The Room

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Ed, Buddy, Read The Room

In Bachelor in Paradise time, Ed and Mykenna have been together for months. In real time, however, they met yesterday. However the latter fact did not deter Ed from trying to encourage Mykenna to continue exploring their relationship in the Fantasy Suites on Tuesday's finale. The only problem was, Mykenna was not feeling it at all. Not one bit. Not even like a little itty bitty sliver. A grain of sand had more of a chance of saying yes than Mykenna.

We learned on Tuesday's episode that Ed doesn't really understand how to read between the lines. We also learned that he doesn't really understand how to just read lips. On one side of the daybed we have Mykenna saying things along the lines of, "I don't think so," "we should leave alone," and my personal favorite, "we should end it." But nevertheless, Ed persisted.

Let's take a look at all the signs that Ed blew right through.

Exhibit A: Mykenna's face when Ed says they have a spark

Exhibit B: Mykenna says they don't have a strong enough bond and Ed says...

Exhibit C: Ed still on the "spark" kick and Mykenna suggesting they end it

Exhibit D: Still. Not. Getting. It.

Finally, a lightbulb went off for Ed. It may have been triggered by Mykenna literally getting off the daybed mid conversation, but whatever... it worked.

And just for a verbal confirmation, so we can all sleep at night, Ed knows that he got dumped. Please see the photo evidence below:

Images: ABC

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