Everything We Know About Dale Moss' Rom-Com 'Love, Game, Match'

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Everything We Know About Dale Moss' Rom-Com 'Love, Game, Match'

We knew Dale Moss was a model. We also knew that Dale Moss was suave enough to have a girl fall in love with him after just a couple of weeks on a TV show. But did you know that Dale Moss is also an actor? Specifically one that is set to star in a romantic comedy called Love, Game, Match?

Whenever we learn that a Bachelor or Bachelorette contestant is an actor, the red flags go up, the sirens start blaring, and the caution tape is rolled out. So, it's really no wonder why we didn't know Dale, at the time of filming The Bachelorette, had a passion for acting. (Or, maybe he didn't at the time and instead found himself in the position after his appearance on Clare's season.)

While we can discuss Clare and Dale's relationship all day, I am here to bring you some more pressing matters: Dale's new movie, which Instagram account @bachelorrabbithole shared on their feed.

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So naturally I went down a different rabbit hole to find out everything I could about this movie. Let's get into it.

The Plot

According to the production company that the produced the film's website, Love, Game, Match is describes the plot as...

When economics teacher and new-in-town Liz challenges her high school students to create business plans, she has no idea that the class winners will actually start their own matchmaking service! Asked to set up her own profile to help them kickstart their careers, as well as team up with handsome tennis coach Ted to organize the school carnival, Liz must navigate the dynamics of this new school, as well as the algorithms of her own heart.

The Trailer

[video Embed]

It actually looks pretty cute? I've definitely seen worse!

The Actors

The movies stars Dale Moss along with Cristine Prosperi, who you may recognize from Bring It On: Worldwide #Cheersmack or A Wedding For Christmas (this is not a joke, I actually recognized her from both of these movies).

When Did Love, Set, Match Film?

I assume this movie filmed summer 2021 because Cristine started liking Dale's post on Instagram in July. Not saying this was flirty, since Dale was with Clare at that time and Cristine is engaged to Hockey player Jordan Binnington, just that they would have started following each other around the time they met, no?

When Does Love, Set, Match Premiere?

Image: Reel One Entertainment

The landing page says that the movie will be released in 2021, but it appears that it is still not up. I am assuming that the streaming rights are for sale based on the "Contact Sales" button seen here.

Fingers crossed we see Dale on our screens in the near future!

Images: Reel One Entertainment

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