These Are Clayton's 'Bachelor' Frontrunners Based On Night One

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These Are Clayton's 'Bachelor' Frontrunners Based On Night One

We know from the preview for Clayton's Bachelor season that there is some real messiness ahead. Not only does Clayton fall in love with three women and tell all of them, but he also — apparently — tells two women that he was "intimate with" both of them. In front of them. While they're at a rose ceremony. For the sake of everyone involved, I hope this is a trick of the editing. Anyway, there is a lot that we can try to parse from the trailer, but when it came to night one of Clayton's Bachelor season, we started to get the real facts about who he is into... and who might be sticking around long enough to find out they're one of three women he loves.

Based only on the premiere episode, here are the women who are already frontrunners:


Image: ABC

Clayton was into Teddi, a 24-year-old nurse from California, right away. (Side note: She says in a confessional that she's 25, but she's listed as 24. What is the truth, Teddi?!) "I don't even have words for her," Clayton says after they meet. "Teddi, you make me feel some type of way."

During their cocktail party conversation, they both agree that they immediately felt a connection to one another. "I don’t know what it is. There’s something about you," Clayton tells her. Then, she gets the first kiss of the season. Then, she gets the first impression rose. This Teddi is going far. (Which we also know because she is shown in what appears to be an international city with Clayton in the trailer.)


Image: ABC

Genevieve is a bartender who lives in Los Angeles, but, as she shares in her convo with Clayton, she's originally from Massachusetts. You can tell Genevieve is a frontrunner, because her and Clayton's conversation is boring, but we see a lot of it. They talk about how important their families are and their parents' long marriages.

"Genevieve is so genuine and she wants a serious relationship, and she’s here for it," Clayton says in a confessional. Clayton seems very serious about finding an actual marriage from this show and not just becoming an Instagram influencer. It seems like he sees that in Genevieve, too. Whether it will remain true is another thing.


Image: ABC

Another person we hear a lot from is Rachel, the flight instructor from Florida. While it is unclear in their conversation whether Clayton realizes that she's a flight instructor and not airline pilot — he asks her to hook him up with frequent flier miles — it is clear that he's very into her. They talk about how they both want to skydive, so the show needs to give us that, right? Like Teddi, Rachel also shares a night one kiss with Clayton.

Honorable mention: Susie

Image: ABC

It's hard to tell how much Clayton likes Susie, but we got a loooooot of her. She gets an intro package. She gets a ton of confessionals. She gets a one-on-one conversation with Clayton. There might not be a ton of initial chemistry, but if screentime is a sign of things to come, Susie will be sticking around for a while, too.

There are quite a few women in the trailer who look like they make it far enough into the show to be walking around in gowns sobbing, so it remains to be seen how things will actually shake out as the show goes on. Except with Teddi. With her first impression rose, she's the frontrunner of the frontrunners.

Image: ABC

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