'The Bachelorette's Chris S. Looks Like These 7 People

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'The Bachelorette's Chris S. Looks Like These 7 People

As soon as Chris S. (not to be confused with Chris G.) showed up in a school bus wearing shorts and a backpack on Night 1 of The Bachelorette, I knew he looked familiar. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't exactly put my finger on it. Did I go to elementary school with this dude? No, that's not it. Does he remind me of my seventh grade boyfriend, Reid, who broke up with me on the field trip to The Indianapolis Museum of Art? Not it either. Who does The Bachelorette's Chris S. look like?

Based on the previews for this week, we're going to be getting a lot of face time with Chris S., so I buckled down and figured out who exactly this man reminds me of... and I came up with seven very solid look-a-likes.

Starting with...

Finnick from The Hunger Games

Sam Claflin is the Hollywood version of Chris S. I can't unsee it.

Ted from Schitt's Creek

Image: CBC

The face shape! The eyebrows! The mouth! The kind of dweeby clothing! It's all there!

Chad Micheal Murray

It's mainly the coloring and the coiffed hair for me.

Han Solo from Star Wars

If you know me, you know that this is the highest praise that I could give to someone. Han Solo can GET IT.

Henry Cavill

It's the chin. It's all in the chin.

Danny Zuko from Grease

Image: CBS

See: chin comment above.

Prince Charming from Shrek 2 and 3

Honestly, since Day 1 he's been giving me villain vibes, there was just something off to me. Based on the preview this one tracks.

Bonus: A potato

Image: Hardie's

For some reason he just reminds me of a potato. I can't explain it.

Image: ABC

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