Why Isn't There A 'Bachelor' 'After The After The Final Rose'?

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Why Isn't There A 'Bachelor' 'After The After The Final Rose'?

We see our Bachelor and Bachelorettes meet. Go on a first date. Head to a creepily Chris Harrison-sanctioned Fantasy Suite. Fall in love. And get engaged. But once we find out whether or not the couple is still in love on After The Final Rose following a spoiler-conscious forced physical separation, we get... nothing. (Well, unless you count People magazine exclusives.) So why isn't there an After The After The Final Rose?

There's precedent, after all. Love Is Blind exploded onto Netflix in early 2020 with a relationship-based reality show that asked: can a 36-year-old woman be with a 24-year-old man? And is love really blind? And can a couple actually make it work after the cameras stop shooting? The result was a fascinating experiment — we discovered whether if coupledom could survive jealousy, family drama, and an increasingly expensive makeup bill after the glitzy fantasy created by a reality show fades away in to actual reality.

What's more, this sort of on-screen dedication to reality TV couples has created reality TV juggernauts over on TLC, where 90 Day Fiancé does God's work by letting us inside the dysfunctional relationships kicked off by by a 90-day visa, years after we first spot these couples on our screen. Bachelor has shown its not afraid of a spin-off — why not show us what it's really like after a Bachelor relationship wraps on the show?

My co-host Allison Piwowarski and I discuss this, and more, on the latest episode of Pop Chaser, our daily pop culture podcast. Listen below to hear our thoughts, along with rumors about Chris Harrison's departure, and, well, some space talk. Why not.

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Would you accept After After The Final Rose?

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