Andrew S.'s Football Career Is Impressive... To This 'Bachelorette' Fan Who Knows Nothing About Football

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Andrew S.'s Football Career Is Impressive... To This 'Bachelorette' Fan Who Knows Nothing About Football

Ah, the good sport of football. Can't say I've ever experienced it in person, but I have watched the Super Bowl a handful of times in my 29 years. I'm obviously not going to be able to rattle off some stats at the drop of the hat, but I do love the celeb-adjacent side to the game. (Giselle drinking wine meme, anyone?) And that extends to the occasional football-turned-Bachelorette contestant that graces our TVs every few seasons. We've had Dale Moss, Clay Harbor, and Colton Underwood, and now we have Katie's Bachelorette contestant, Andrew S.

First things first, Andrew S. (who may or may not be the only Andrew on the show at this point? Is there another Andrew?) is not British. Despite putting on a British accent on night one... and then doing it again, again, and again, the man hails from the Chicago-land area where he spends half of his year coaching football and working as a teacher's assistant. The other half of the year he's in Austria, playing football for the Dacia Vienna Vikings.

'Lil info about the ole Dacia Vienna Vikings...

  • They are a premiere American football club in Vienna, Austria (so don't get all Ted Lasso on me, k? It's American football with hikes and stuff)
  • They won the Austrian Bowl in 2020, and came in second place in 2019
  • Their uniforms are purple with splashes of yellow
  • They also have a women's team

The thing that truly baffled me was the team's "history" page. To be fair, I translated it into English because I am rusty on my written German, so maybe things got lost in Chrome Translation. But it just seems so sad?

The history of the Vienna Vikings men's team. A story with many great moments, but also some very bad ones. Many of the Vikings are only known as a top European team, but like all other clubs, the Vikings have worked their way from the bottom to the top with a lot of sweat, blood and tears.

"But also some very bad ones"?

Back to Andrew S.! According to the site, Andrew S. is a "DB" which means he's defensive back, which means he's playing on the defensive side of the ball furthest from the line of scrimmage, which means he's making sure no one scores from the other team. Here he is in all his glory. (This part of the site wasn't in English, so do with it what you may.)

Before Austria, Andrew S. played football at Winona State University in Minnesota. While at Winona State, he was awarded so many awards that all sound incredibly impressive, although I don't know what they mean, including First Team All-American, and Defensive Player of the Year, and even Winona State Male Athlete of the Year. We love a winner!

Andrew S. is still a player on the Vienna Vikings, but supposedly had to take a quick break to film The Bachelorette. The good news is, people in Austria seem to be pro-Right Reasons, because reports that the team and coaches were "very supportive" of Andrew S. taking a short hiatus so he could pursue love on the show.

So that's that! The kid's a star. Or so it seems to someone who has just given off this type of energy for 600 words:

Images: ABC, Netflix screenshot

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