The 'A Wrinkle In Time' Connection On 'Ted Lasso' Is A Nod To Sam & Roy's Offscreen Relationship

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The 'A Wrinkle In Time' Connection On 'Ted Lasso' Is A Nod To Sam & Roy's Offscreen Relationship

Ted Lasso isn't afraid of a few pop culture references, but Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time might be one of the more precious ones. Ted gave the lovely novel to Roy Kent in the third episode of the show. But did you catch Sam reading A Wrinkle in Time in Ted Lasso Season 2 during "Man City"? Spoilers ahead.

Ted gifted each of the AFC Richmond players a book back in Season 1's "Trent Crimm: The Independent." Ted's choice for Roy led him to realize he was the leader of the team, an epiphany the captain had while reading the book to Phoebe. He went to a bar to tell Jamie to put an end to the bullying of Nate. In "Man City," Sam is reading A Wrinkle in Time while on an exercise bike. During his book time, Sam learns from his dad that Cerithium Oil can no longer operate in Nigeria, thanks to Sam's protest. Then, Sam reaches back out to Bossgirl (aka, his boss Rebecca) on Bantr to set up a date.

Just like Roy back in Season 1, A Wrinkle in Time motivates Sam to make a move. And Toheeb Jimoh says Sam's reading choice is an indication of his relationship with new AFC Richmond coach Roy.

"That was the book that Ted gave to Roy and Roy has given that to Sam," Jimoh tells The Dipp. He says that Sam and Brett Goldstein's Roy don't share much screentime — he doesn't think they even speak to each other this season ("we had one little bit that didn't make it"). But this literary Easter egg shows that these footballers are getting along swimmingly... even in viewers don't get to see it.

"Little moments like that kind of speak to that relationship," Jimoh says. "It's thriving offscreen."

So while viewers won't get to see Roy hug Sam like how he hugged Jamie in "Man City" (I'm not crying, you're crying), Jimoh reassures me that this coach is having a good influence on Sam too.


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