Will Sam Leave AFC Richmond And Rebecca Behind On 'Ted Lasso'?

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Will Sam Leave AFC Richmond And Rebecca Behind On 'Ted Lasso'?

Spoilers ahead for Ted Lasso, "Midnight Train to Royston."

Sam Richardson dropped down from the sky in a helicopter on Ted Lasso and his character wants to fly away home with Sam Obisanya. Tech billionaire Edwin Akufo wants Sam to leave AFC Richmond on Ted Lasso and join his football club in Africa. The move would allow Sam to be closer to his family and be a member of a team that will be a major source of pride for the continent. But what's a footballer to do when he has to decide between loyalty to two places and familial or romantic love?

Edwin came to Richmond to recruit Sam to Raja Casablanca in Morocco (it's a real team). Edwin has dreams of the best African footballers coming home and forming a team that will win a World Cup for Africa. But he doesn't just want Sam for his football skills — he wants him for the person that he is. The person who got Cerithium Oil to stop drilling in Nigeria through his activism. It's an incredible offer. But it's complicated not only by Sam not wanting to leave AFC Richmond but by his feelings for Rebecca.

Rebecca admits she has "lost all objectivity" when it comes to the offer. Because even though she put a hold on her relationship with Sam at her father's funeral, she isn't willing to give him up. Plus, you know, he's a really good player for the team she owns. She tells Sam, "I know I can't ask you not to go. But I hope you don't go." She's trying to be honest and not selfish, but damn — that's not very fair, Rebecca.

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