What Happened In Roy's Speech On 'Ted Lasso'? The End Of His Football Career Is A Bit Of A Mystery

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What Happened In Roy's Speech On 'Ted Lasso'? The End Of His Football Career Is A Bit Of A Mystery

Spoilers ahead for Ted Lasso Season 2. Roy Kent's professional football-playing days are over. And though his career being finished isn't that much of a surprise after Season 1, there is the question of what happened in Roy's football retirement speech on Ted Lasso. Look, it's not hard to work up Roy Kent. But in the Ted Lasso Season 2 premiere, he is particularly bothered by whatever went down in his retirement press conference. However, while he's personally on edge about whatever went down, the rest of the world seems mighty enamored with the former team captain of AFC Richmond.

Though Roy wasn't the most social of guys in Season 1, he's being incredibly antisocial in the Season 2 premiere. Despite Keeley's best efforts, he's avoiding the club and everyone involved in it. And he's dismissive of an opportunity to be a pundit with Sky Sports. Unless he's coaching his niece's football team of 8-year-olds or sipping rosé in child's pose with his Yoga Moms, he's avoiding everyone... and it seems to have to do with his retirement speech.

As he sees it, he "made a fucking fool out of myself" and he ended up "looking like a knob." But from Keeley's perspective the press conference was "beautiful" and "people loved it." She's got the numbers to back it up since the video accumulated some 15 million views. But Ted Lasso viewers can't count themselves among the view count since the Apple TV+ show is keeping what went down a secret for now.

So what happened? Did Roy make a colossal knob of himself? Or, far more likely, did he show a modicum of feeling to the general public?

Coach Lasso helped Roy become more emotionally attuned. And based on his continued relationship with Keeley and his dating advice to Rebecca, Roy hasn't lost all that progress. So would he be that embarrassed if he got emotional during a retirement press conference?

Well, not everyone is privy to that side of Roy Kent, so possibly this gruff guy is upset at being exposed for the true softie he is. (If a man who calls 8-year-old girls "little pricks" can be considered a softie.) But whatever he did during his retirement press conference resonated with millions of people and helped one grown man reconnect with their xenophobic father. And that sounds like classic Ted Lasso. So while Roy may be avoiding his former coach, the Ted Lasso impact on him is still going strong in Season 2. Now, Ted Lasso fans just have to wait for the press conference footage to leak.

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