Dr. Sharon Fieldstone In 'Ted Lasso' Is A Stands Sorcerer

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Dr. Sharon Fieldstone In 'Ted Lasso' Is A Stands Sorcerer

Dr. Sharon doesn't eat sugar, she's taken Higgins's office, and the players have turned to her for advice over Coach Lasso. If that wasn't bad enough, Dr. Sharon in Ted Lasso Season 2 must also be some sort of football wizard. Because that's the only explanation for how she keeps moving her place in the stands.

Initially brought to AFC Richmond to help Dani with his canicide-related yips, Higgins hires sports psychologist Dr. Sharon Fieldstone to help the team full-time in Episode 2, "Lavender." Ted's not thrilled about this development, claiming he's not jealous but rather has trust issues when it comes to therapists.

When Doc — excuse me, I mean Dr. Sharon Fieldstone — watches a practice session, Coach Lasso seems to be paranoid about her presence. "How come every time I look back there it's like she's getting closer and closer?" Ted asks Coach Beard and Nate.

"Optical illusion induced by your mistrust of her profession?" Coach Beard replies.

But no. As unreasonable (and seemingly uncharacteristic) it is of Ted to be threatened by Dr. Sharon Fieldstone, he's right about this. Dr. Sharon is totally creeping down those stands.

She's so brazen, she moves down four rows in Block D while Ted and the other coaches are standing right there on the sidelines sipping on pineapple water. And when Ted goes out on the pitch to address Sam's tense playing, she moves another three rows down in the blink of an eye.

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