On 'Survivor,' Advantages Alone Can’t Save You

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On 'Survivor,' Advantages Alone Can’t Save You

This week’s Survivor reminds me why it’s nice to have some people that are just not that good at this game in the mix: they keep things interesting.

We open up with post-council morning-after regrets from Liana at Yase, who now wonders why she went along with Tiffany’s demands to vote out Voce rather than make a big move for Xander. I, too, wonder why Liana let Tiffany’s panicked energy sway her vote, but don’t worry Liana, Xander is about to come in SUPER handy this episode and you’ll be glad you kept him around.

Also at Yase, Tiffany goes early-morning idol-hunting and comes across a new Beware Advantage, inviting her to sneak away from camp onto a boat that night or lose her vote. At Ua camp, Brad finds the same advantage while putting his farm work ethic on display doing chores.

Brad also manages to find Ua’s part of the three-way-immunity idol that had Xander waxing poetic about butterflies last week, stocking him full of potential power without any real way of wielding it yet. I really thought this might be a turning point for Brad, who had previously been way too open with his tribemates (remember when he suggested voting out Shan or Sara...to Shan and Sara?) because he manages to keep these advantages to himself, for a bit.

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