Is Shan One Of The Best Social Players, Ever?

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Is Shan One Of The Best Social Players, Ever?

On this week’s episode of Survivor 41, Luvu tribe couldn’t lose if they wanted to, Yase came out on top for once, and the assassin of Ua emerged: pastor Shan. Right from the beginning of the episode, Shan’s doing work. After revealing Brad’s advantages to a disgruntled Genie, JD pipes up upset that he got such a haranguing for concealing his advantages only for Shan to conceal Brad's. Sure, fair.

For a less skilled player this could have been the beginning of the end – the point where folks realize Shan’s seeming trustworthiness belies ulterior motives – but no. Shan plays it perfectly, never getting defensive but instead seeming almost... annoyed? As if it’s SO obvious that Brad’s business wasn’t her to tell, and of COURSE she wound’t have divulged that info to JD.

She goes into full Big Sis mode, acting like she doesn’t get what HE doesn’t get about the situation, like she’s exhausted that she even has to HAVE this conversation. She dismissively gives JD back his advantage like she’s sharing her toys with an annoying little brother, but succeeds in preserving her image to carry on manipulating another day.

So that’s crisis #1 sorted.

After being unsuccessful in the immunity challenge, Ua drama continues. Genie reveals her plans to throw her die, thinking (knowing) she’s in a bad position in the group. Because she is 100% right (at this point, Shan and Ricard have already decided to vote Genie out) Shan gets to work convincing her that’s not the case. Why she bothers when there’s only like a 17% chance of the die roll securing Genie’s immunity is unclear. Maybe just for the love of gaslighting? Anyway, she mostly convinces her to try her luck and vote for JD, implying she’ll be doing the same. Crisis #2, resolved.

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