On 'Survivor 41', Evvie Is Juggling A Lot Of Chainsaws

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On 'Survivor 41', Evvie Is Juggling A Lot Of Chainsaws

After a premiere packed with backstory, production context, and a double elimination, the second episode of this season is pretty standard, but not in a bad way! This week we get to see more of the social dynamics develop, especially among our lovable losers, Yase Tribe.

Though we sent both Abraham and Sarah home last week, this early in the game there’s not much drama to eke out of their departures. Everybody’s kind of just glad to still be there, and seemingly the only person reeling is Brad.

At the Ua camp, Brad’s reaction to being somewhat blindsided with a vote against him at council is to resort to hiding in the woods and eavesdropping on teammates Ricard and JD at the well. While spying as a concept makes sense for gameplay, what doesn’t is immediately running and telling Shan, which is his next move.

He seems to have little to no awareness of the bonds that have formed among the Ua tribe so far, failing to realize that Shan is Ricard’s #1, so all his sprinting and hiding in the tall grass is for naught when he straight up tells on himself. Shan tells Ricard, Ricard doesn’t trust Brad, Brad is worse off than he was before he started playing Harriet the Spy. Great.

At Luvu’s camp, Naseer gets a rebrand. Last week Naseer spent his screen time accusing Danny and Deshawn of prioritizing the search for idols over the completion of the endurance challenge, being the first to propose a division among the tribe and throwing out names for possible elimination. Winning immunity kept things from developing further but I was still surprised to see him get such a favorable edit this episode.

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