I am obsessed with this season's Survivor cast

Say what you will about the short season, Do or Die, and Applebee's, but this season of Survivor boasts the best cast since David vs. Goliath.

Not only are we about to have perhaps the strongest top five EVER (if Romeo goes home, that is), but they all are playing hard, and with such positivity. Both Hai and Drea's eliminations were some of the most fun the show has ever produced, and, even though I was bummed to see them both go (they were two of my favorites), it is a testament to the rest of the cast that they're ACTUALLY taking out real threats. I'm typically so frustrated every season watching a clear favorite sail to the end with little friction, but everyone this season is playing a super strong individual game.

Now, the hard part is trying to figure out who should come back in a future season. Usually there's only one or two a season that really could be a contender for a return, but I would love to see any of the final seven again. Give them all the seasons, and all the Chili's, because they've earned better than Applebee's!