The 'Winter House' Trailer Teases A Premiere Date And Luke In Guyliner

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The 'Winter House' Trailer Teases A Premiere Date And Luke In Guyliner

After the Season 5 finale of Summer House Thursday night, I think we were all feeling a little lost. What will we do without this show and its messy cast? Thankfully, it seems like the Winter House premiere date isn't too far off. Soon enough we'll be reunited, just this time we'll be in the snow, not the sand, and with some guyliner. Anyway, the Bravo TV Instagram shared a very short teaser trailer Thursday night that says Winter House is "coming soon."

Update: BravoTV's Instagram account announced on May 13 that Summer House Winter Charm (interesting title!)will air this fall, 2021. Fall! God damnit. Definitely thought we were getting this earlier, based on the teaser last month that said "coming soon." Fall is not soon after April! Ah, well. Patience is a virtue.

Earlier: The short clip shows some of our favorite (and I use that term loosely) Southern Charm and Summer House cast members in a literal tug of war. In the cold. In Vermont. In Viking helmets? And "war paint"? I don't know what's going on but I like it and will hold judgement until we see more.

We've got Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Paige Desorbo, Lindsay Hubbard, Luke Gulbranson, Craig Conover, Austen Kroll, Ciara Miller and ... a newbie.

[rich Embed]

We'll do some digging to find out who this is next to Austen...

And there is a Mystery Man in a poncho next to Lindsay.

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