In The 'Summer House' Season 5 Finale, Hannah Is A Different Person (And We Still Stan Carl)

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In The 'Summer House' Season 5 Finale, Hannah Is A Different Person (And We Still Stan Carl)

Let me start by stating the obvious: I AM NOT READY FOR THIS SEASON OF SUMMER HOUSE TO BE OVER. I feel like I'm a kid on the last day of summer camp and school starts next week. I'm just not ready to say goodbye with the Summer House Season 5 finale. That said, the preview for the reunion looks incredible. Two walk-offs, tears, and drug accusations!? I’ll take it.

This week, we start where we left off: the girls vs. Hannah. The main issue is, Hannah is constantly coming from a place of defensiveness. Twenty-four, seven. Whether someone is asking her to take the trash out, or why her and her new boyfriend didn’t spend time with everyone for four days, she is upset.

Let's be clear: No one is “coming at” Hannah. Danielle makes a comment about how no one really got to know Des because he and Hannah were never around, and Hannah just loses it on everyone. Storms off and then her new bestie Ciara just follows her to the basement. But, hey, I just want to get to the bottom of where this anger and defensiveness is coming from. There just has to be reason, because this is not the Hannah we met in Seasons 3 and 4 — this is a whole different person.

The more she talks about how the girls don't understand, the angrier she gets. And the angrier she gets, the more she starts saying “I hate getting angry.” Well, so maybe chill the fuck out.

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