Lindsay Hubbard Reveals Why She Didn't Invite Mya Allen To The Club

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Lindsay Hubbard Reveals Why She Didn't Invite Mya Allen To The Club

It's not an exaggeration to say that Mya Allen is one of the best rookies to ever grace a Bravo reality show. She fits in so well on Summer House; she gives us story, she gives us Top Chef tea, she gives us a calm, single girl's perspective. So when Lindsay Hubbard told Mya she couldn't go to the club with her and Danielle Olivera, we were all a little stung. How could she do that to our Mya?!

Turns out, it was all a misunderstanding. Lindsay took to the comments section of the popular Instagram account Comments By Bravo and cleared the air. The account shared a meme showing Lindsay's likability plummeting, and Lindsay asked in the comments how she ended up on the "tower of terror."

Follower @OhNoChels – who, by the way, host's The Dipp's "Are You The Cute One" nostalgia-themed podcast – then asked Lindsay why she'd iced Mya out of the girls' trip to the bar.

Lindsay cleared the air, and wrote:

"Oh haha it was a weird misunderstanding! Not intentional at all! The boys asked me if they could come too but there was a huge performance at that venue that night, we were joining a table, and you had to have tickets/pay to attend. Obvi, if we were just going to a bar, everyone could join, but it was much more complicated than that. I love Mya! Didn't mean any harm to my girl."
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There you have it. Glad it was nothing malicious. Mya truly is a cookie-baking treasure.

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