Rating Mya Allen's Cookies, From Flavor To Packaging

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Rating Mya Allen's Cookies, From Flavor To Packaging

*Usher's voice*: These are my confessions... I am not a dessert person. Yes, I know. Horrific. Everyone I know loves a cake, a brownie, a carton of ice cream, a creme brulee... not I. But you know what I do mess with? A good cookie. So when I saw that newbie Mya Allen from Summer House was a baker, I said, "I gotta try those cookies," and so I did. I took myself over to Mya's instagram, and in her bio was her website where you can order her cookies and they ship nationally.

Below is my official cookie review. And I will be using the ever sophisticated "Crumble" rating system. 1 is the worst, 5 is the best. I'll be walking you through the website, the ordering and shipping experience, the packaging, and of course, the flavors.

Two things I want to say, first though. One, obviously, this is not an ad, and two, please do not judge my nails.

The Website

Love it. Clean, easy to navigate, and straight to the point. Also, the god damn cookie looks just delightful.

Crumbles: 5/5

The Price and The Size

There is your breakdown, folks. $22 for six cookies, plus $11.77 for shipping, brings us to $33.77 all in for six cookies, which comes to $5.63 per cookie.

Each cookie is about 3 inches in diameter.

Ordering And Shipping

As you can see from the pictures, these cookies look fucking amazing. I love how they are individual and you can pick whichever cookies you want OR you can do a "Cookie Pack" where you have the option of a "pick your own" with 12, 8, or 6 cookies of your choice. Or you can choose the "chocolate lovers" or "The Classics" pack. I love the variety and that you are able to pick what you want in your box.

And when it comes to ordering, the website says "Orders placed by 10 am will be shipped next day. Please note: we ship Tuesday-Saturday." I ordered mine January 11th and they were delivered on the 19th. Keep in mind, I live in Detroit, Michigan and these ship from New York.

Crumbles: 5/5


The only reason I am not giving it a full 5 Crumbles is because I don't think the the box does the cookies justice. I also hate the color yellow. So that is just a personal preference. But I have to say, I love the simplicity of the packaging and how the cookies are sealed with labels that say what flavor they are. We have all been duped by an oatmeal raisin posing as a chocolate chip!

Crumbles: 4/5

The Snickerdoodle Cookie

Let me preface this by saying, I am not a huge snickerdoodle girl, BUT, I took one bite of this cookie and it kind of changed who I am. It was cinnamony, with a little salt towards the end. And had a good level of chewiness to it; not too hard, not too gooey.

Crumbles: 4/5

The Chocolate Chip

Quite frankly, this cookie is that bitch. I swear I am a chocolate chip cookie SNOB. I do not mess with the "break and bake" Tollhouse squares, I don't even like a Mrs. Fields cookie. But this mother fucking cookie was incredible.

It had flakes of salt on the top, and it was the perfect combination with the chocolatey sweetness. And I'm not a baker, but, I need to know how she layers her chocolate so perfectly. It was like a little layered chocolate chip cookie. I can't say enough good things.

Crumbles: 10/5

The Oatmeal Raisin

I am probably one of the few people who loves raisins, and things that contain raisins. That is probably more embarrassing to admit than just not liking desserts... Anyways! I find oatmeal raisin cookies are very hit or miss for me. I never know what I'm going to get. Sometimes they are so bland, or lack really any real, anything. And I have to be honest, these were good. Not like the chocolate chip, but also not plain. They did have a special little something, but overall, the snickerdoodle and chocolate chip cookies were better.

Crumbles: 3/5


My overall take is that these were worth the money, and you're supporting one of our Bravo Summer House Queens. This could be her "Bethenny Bakes" and next thing you know she is selling her next company for $40 million. You just never know!

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