A Ranking Of The 'Summer House' Cast Members, From Most To Least Helpful

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A Ranking Of The 'Summer House' Cast Members, From Most To Least Helpful

Living with roommates presents endless opportunities. You always have someone to go out with. You have multiple closets to pull from when "nothing looks cute on you." You also have a group of people that can make your living quarters very, very messy.

All three are true for the cast of Summer House, but we're not here to discuss who has the ability to pull an all-nighter, or the best taste in fast fashion. No, we're here to discuss who is the most helpful (read: cleanest) cast member of Summer House.

It has been a point of contention on the show before — we all remember the mountain of garbage that became the Loverboy can that broke the camel's back when it came to Hannah Berner's downfall. But with Hannah out of the house, there's still a lot to be desired when it comes to cleanliness.

Some of the cast can be seen cleaning up quite frequently during the season. Others are there for emotional support, and not a helping hand. Let's get into who is the most helpful to the least helpful house mate in the Summer House house.


Robert isn't even a part of the official cast of Summer House, and yet every time he comes over, he cooks and cleans for everyone. And not just cooks, but like, makes lobster and shit. This automatically gives him the most helpful spot.


Mya truly does it all. She cooks. She cleans. She decorates. She is hands down the MHP of Summer House. That is Most Helpful Person.


Andrea is very helpful: he carried luggage up the stairs, brings Paige and Ciara coffee in the morning even when the former is swooning over He Who Shall Not Be Named, cooks everyone an authentic Italian dinner, and looks beautiful doing it.


This is definitely Carl's best season so far. When he's not working out or working on himself, he's working around the house cleaning up after everyone else's drunken evenings out.


Lindsay is the president of the party planning committee (and might even be the vice president, treasurer, and secretary, too). Even if she's the one making most of the mess, she isn't afraid to step up and clean it up.

Danielle, Amanda, and Alex

Danielle, Amanda, and Alex are tied for the next spot because they are always asking how they can help, whether that's decorating the table, acting as a sous chef to Mya, or making a bunch of protein. They also clean up after themselves, which is more than we can say for some people on this list.


Ciara may not clean, but she does cook every so often, and that has a lot of value in a house where drunk food is a premium.


Luke cleaned out the fridge, which is a pretty gross task to take on. Beyond that, we've seen him help party prep. The reason he's not lower, however, is because you know Luke is the handyman of Summer House.


Kyle may have held a house meeting last summer about cleaning, but we've barely seen Kyle clean this season. It's not to say he doesn't clean, ever, but I'm just reporting what I'm seeing.


Paige loves to... supervise. Honestly, it's her brand, so I'd expect nothing less.

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