I Understand Luke Gulbranson A Lot Better After Our Phone Call

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I Understand Luke Gulbranson A Lot Better After Our Phone Call

Guys, listen, I really don't love to admit when I'm wrong. It pains me, actually. But I am here to tell you, I was wrong about Luke Gulbranson from Summer House. While preparing for my interview with him, I really wasn't sure what to expect. Watching him for a few years on the show and following on Instagram, I of course had pre-conceived notions of what he would be like. But then I got to talk to him.

And while yes, he is peculiar, there is a warmth to him. A realness. A no-bullshit kind of attitude that I respect. I was nervous before our call... I mean, when we were just shooting the shit at the beginning of our conversation, he said he was watching the Olympics, and well, here's a picture of the transcript. I can't type it out. It's too embarrassing.

I forgot that the Olympics also took place in the winter and that they were on ... I was that nervous. Who can blame me! He is one good looking Lumbersexual.

Anyway, there is an unexpected deepness to him; he has a passion for everything he does and wants everyone to have that same feeling for what they love, too. Our talk about his brand R_Co was surprising. Unlike some other reality stars who slap their name on any licensing opportunity presented to them, Luke is truly a creator who cares and takes pride in creating everything and having his hand in it all.

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