Carl's "Friend" Mackenzie On 'Summer House' May Look Familiar

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Carl's "Friend" Mackenzie On 'Summer House' May Look Familiar

You know what I love more than an ice-cold Loverboy on a summer's day? When the genre I have committed my life (and career) to — reality TV — comes together in one nice package. Case and point: Carl Radke's friend Mackenzie Dipman, who is not on Summer House, but was on another reality television show I spent upwards of 30 hours watching during the summer of 2020.

If you love reality TV and don't watch Love Island, first of all, what are you doing? You're sorely missing out, my friends. Especially on the UK seasons, but I'll save that for another article. Mackenzie, not from the UK, was featured on Love Island US Season 2 — the summer 2020, peak pandy season filmed on the rooftop of a Las Vegas casino hotel. She had a glorious storyline on the series that I'll get into, don't worry, and apparently dated Carl last summer, however brief considering he is now in a very serious relationship with costar Lindsay Hubbard.

But let's revisit this past summer where my two reality TV worlds collided so beautifully. Truly, the only thing that would have felt like a bigger deal than Bravo and Love Island coming together is if I found out Kristen Doute from Vanderpump Rules was dating Guy Fieri. And I'd never wish that on Guy.

Mackenzie's time on Love Island

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Almost immediately into Season 2 of Love Island, Mackenzie quickly took to a man named Connor Trott, a fitness coach from Los Angeles. Mackenzie and Connor seemed to be all in for each other on the show, until they weren't. They had their fair share of ups and downs and ultimately did not leave the "island" (aka The Cromwell Hotel) together. But, they did rekindle and dated each other until announcing their split in March 2021.

And yes, Connor looks just like Carl.

Mackenzie & Carl... as a couple?

Nine months ago, the two were spotted together in New York. Were they dating, or were they just two reality TV stars that happen to run in the same circle of very attractive people?

Considering Carl and Lindsay both kind of mention that the Kymanda wedding is what sparked their romantic relationship (aka September 2021), it's safe to assume that Carl and Mackenzie, even if they were casually seeing each other, never really took off. (Plus, Mackenzie splits her time in Los Angeles and Tucson, neither remotely convenient to New York, where Carl is working on Carl 6.0 Pro Max, you know?)

Images: Mackenzie Dipman/Instagram

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