Lindsay Hubbard & Carl Radke's Relationship Timeline, From The Very Beginning

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Lindsay Hubbard & Carl Radke's Relationship Timeline, From The Very Beginning

Despite what we saw on the Summer House premiere, Carl and Lindsay are very much a couple. They went public with their relationship just before the show returned for its sixth season, but for anyone with eyes and access to social media, we know these two have been dating since the Dirty Dancing pictures heard around the Bravoverse.

But how they got here is messier than Ciara's bedroom in the Hamptons house they all shared last summer. The two have been cast mates on the show since Season 1, but were both in... relationships (question mark?) with other cast members at the time. (Carl and Lauren Wirkus, if you're reading this, I'm sorry to have called whatever your fling was a relationship.) Since then, however, we've seen their friendship grow, crash and burn, and now blossom into something we can all get behind. A true underdog story.

In honor of the sixth season of the series, and these two crazy kids being the new couple we actually want to root for in the house, let's take a walk down memory lane to see the full evolution of Carlindsay. (What? It's better than Larl.)

Summer 2016

Season 1 (which premiered in Jan. 2017) filmed in 2016. While Lindsay and Carl were both cast members on the show, and seemingly friends, they were also both in relationships (again, I use that word very loosely) with other people. Lindsay was with Everett at the time, and Carl had his situationship with Lauren Wirkus.

Summer 2017

Season 2 showed a recently single Lindsay looking to have the summer of her life. That, of course, got complicated because Everett wasn't fully out of the picture. Plus, Carl and Lauren's nightmareship starts up again this season, as well. With all that said, Carl and Lindsay seem to be on good terms and friends.

Summer 2018

The pair are definitely close, but there are no romantic vibes at this point, except for when Carl says, "You're basically my sister, that I want to have sex with"... but in a joking way? I think? This is also the season that Carl and Paige start a summer fling. Meanwhile, Lindsay and Everett hook up (again) but more importantly she dates a fancy man named Peyman.

Summer 2019

Season 4 starts out with a bang if you're picking up what I'm saying. Lindsay and Carl both found themselves single and decided to try dating. Who doesn't love to date their best friend? Well, at this point in time, Lindsay and Carl don't love it. The relationship goes very bad very quickly.

Summer 2020

The two are back to being very good friends and confiding in each other. (Lindsay and her relationship with Stephen, Carl and his general glow up.)

February 2021

Most of the Summer House crew goes to Vermont to film Winter House. Lindsay is single, but in love with Austen Kroll, who is in love with Ciara. She finds solace in a nice man named Jason, who we barely got to know in the wintery tundra of Stowe, Vermont. They begin hooking up. Meanwhile, Carl, who is not on the show, continues to work on himself.

Summer 2021

Lindsay says she is casually dating Jason still, but didn't invite him up to the house for the summer. (It is later revealed that Lindsay suffered a miscarriage at around six weeks of pregnancy, which she tells Carl in Episode 1.) In the preview for the season, we see Lindsay kiss both Austen and newcomer, Alex.

September 2021

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Carl and Lindsay appear to be pretty cozy at Amanda and Kyle's wedding. While it wouldn't have been that strange for the two to post a photo together of them at their good friends' nuptials, we later learn that the wedding was when things began to spark. "There’s just been more feelings. We hang out all the time. I can’t tell you how many friends of ours have said, ‘Oh, what about, you know …’ Like, deep down, always wondering [about] me and Lindsay. And I ran from that for some reason ... I was scared cause dating your best friend is really freaking scary," Carl told Us Weekly early this year.

October 2021

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While this didn't leave much to the imagination on where the two stood as a couple, Carl confirmed October 2021 was the month things shifted between him and Lindsay.

January 2022

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Just days before the Summer House Season 6 premiere, Carl and Lindsay confirm that they're dating in multiple interviews and Lindsay says she and Carl are "very much equal," which I can only hope means everyone is getting sandwiches.

Image: Instagram, @lindshubbs

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