'Summer House' Reunion Part 2 Recap: Luke Takes An Axe To That Fourth Wall

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'Summer House' Reunion Part 2 Recap: Luke Takes An Axe To That Fourth Wall

This is the day I've been dreading. It's the last episode of Summer House, Season 5. I am not ready to say goodbye.

We ended last week with Kyle walking off, which is always very underwhelming tbh. I never like when a housewife walks off. And I definitely don’t like it when a blonde man in a floral print suit jacket does either. Earlier this week, I wrote about Hannah and my thoughts on WTF was going on with her last episode. She came in with no self-awareness; she just doubled-down on her behavior and chalked it up to “we are promoting a show” but part of the allure, Hannah, is that you're all supposed to be friends. That is literally the premise of the whole show.

Update on Hannah btw: since last week, a clip of her on a ~podcast~ re-surfaced in which she makes light of Luke talking about suicide. Well, one of her sponsors, Better Help, got wind of this and dropped her. Then yesterday, she posted about mental health on her IG story. *Sigh* I wish she would have addressed this BEFORE getting dropped because it has been kind of circulating the interwebs for a while. Big yikes.

OK, back to the show.

Kyle continues to storm off, everyone looks exhausted and irritated because they're getting no where with these two Leos. Either Hannah or Kyle has to have a Taurus rising because the stubbornness is too much! Hannah at one point turns to Paige and says “am I being crazy?” and the long pause before Paige says, “…well with the Kyle stuff…” says it all. Yes. Yes you are. Now reel it in baby girl. Because this is wild to watch. I love every second of this.

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