'Summer House' Recap: We're All Cookies Now

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'Summer House' Recap: We're All Cookies Now

*"Last week on Summer House: Luke Bobby and Hannah are fine-ish. Amanda and Hannah are the opposite of fine-ish. And Lindsay became activated over a plate of soggy fish and chips, which prompted Stephen to flee in the night."* Now that you’re up to speed let’s fucking get into the Episode 6, "Power Pointless."

Poor Lindsay, crying while showing major side boob. That is a hard look to pull off, and it’s a look only HubHouse could. Danielle, for her part, is a professional consoler. She's always ready with a glass of wine, ready to let you/Lindsay cry on your should and give you/it's always Lindsay the “you’re a bad bitch” pep talk, but you know inside she is like, “Oof this Lindsay is crazy.”

Now, I gotta say, one of my favorite things that happens in this house is that whenever something dramatic goes down, the rest of the cast is just whispering to each other filling one another in on the drama. Really just makes me laugh. They're all congregating trying to put the HubHouse puzzle together, but as we know by now that shit is complicated, 1,000 pieces, and you lost some edge pieces.

I think I speak for America when I say, I love Kyle Cooke. His breakdown to Amanda over Stephen leaving (??) was so sweet. But also, who the fuck is this guy? Is this who Kyle has been this whole time but we just couldn’t see it because he was constantly wearing mullets and at the bottom of a shot luge ice sculpture? Because wow, I am LOVING this Cookie.

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