'Summer House' Recap: Wow, Lindsay and Luke, Wow

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'Summer House' Recap: Wow, Lindsay and Luke, Wow

*Last week on Summer House: Lindsay dealt with the fall out/make up with Steven and his PowerPoint. I still can’t believe that even happened. Eight. Slides. Hannah and Amanda made up? I put the question mark because it…was odd. And then Hannah and Kyle go at it poolside, putting Amanda back in the middle. Also, Carl returned to us, and as Paige said “I just feel safer with Carl inside the home.” Don’t we all. Let’s get in to this week's gem: Episode 7, "Medium at Large."

Carl was back for half a day and I already feel relief when they show the little birds' eye view of his bedroom, and his bed is consistently made. It gives me a level of peace I truly didn’t know I needed. AND he is doing a face-mask while quarantining. God bless him.

Kyle is reeling from his fight with Hannah, and guys, I say it every week but damn, that is one good lookin' son of a bitch. I don’t know if it’s the mustache, the morning voice, or his insistence that every meeting he has is the “most important meeting of his life,” but I am so into it.

Meanwhile, Hannah is avoiding the kitchen to make sure she doesn’t run into Kyle. I feel like she is less upset about having a fight with Amanda about Kyle, and more just annoyed she fought with someone again. Because truthfully, I don’t think Hannah likes Kyle.

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