'Summer House' Recap: Boats, Beers, Battlestar Phylactica

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'Summer House' Recap: Boats, Beers, Battlestar Phylactica

Ok, I've had a week to process, digest, and mull over the Des/Hannah of it all. Maybe it’s because I, too, have dated men 15 years older than me and it was literally one of the best times of my life. So fun! But that's a story for another day. ANYWAYS. This week on Summer House (Season 5, Episode 11, "Derby Days") it's back to the fuck-a-thon, which btw, I totally support.

But, where I draw the line is to fuck in another person’s personal space, i.e. bathroom or bedroom. C’mon Hannah, be cool. Don’t be all like, uncool. Now, in her defense, she did say they didn’t have sex in there, but she did admit there was naked ass on the counter, and that’s just… WE ARE IN A PANDEMIC HANNAH. Come on. Let’s maybe not.

If you have ever been on a boat all day, you know the following is coming: Someone is passed out drunk by 6 p.m. (Paige); someone is taking the DJing of a Spotify list way too seriously (Kyle); someone is asleep in their beach clothes (Ciara, in her messy ass bed); and someone is wrangling their drunken S.O. from eating all the drunk food (Amanda). It is the fucking best day, and everyone is pretty happy.

True Entertainment/Bravo

Paige said it best when she was like, "Why is everyone acting like Stravvy coming back is like the most normal thing in the world, why is no one talking about it." They were just broken up, and Lindsay seemed fine! And now they are 69-ing and he’s unpacking his things? No.

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