And The Award For Best Roommate On 'Summer House' Goes To...

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And The Award For Best Roommate On 'Summer House' Goes To...

From smelly garbage to tea-stained pools, no cast member on Summer House is perfect. But at the end of the summer, there can only be one. One, what, you ask? One "ideal" roommate. The person you'd summer-as-a-verb with. The person you'd lock yourself into a coke-dealer's house with for six weeks. The person you'd trust to order your tacos on a group Uber Eats order. That says it all right there.

So who is it? Who's the best? Choose your fighter below:

  • Luke: He sets up shop (literally) in the backyard, and plays with power tools and hearts. Will probably embarrass you in his combat boots on the beach.
  • Hannah: She'll play tennis with you but doesn't... let... you talk about her dad. Also won't take out the garbage.
  • Paige: Good at friendship, good at gossip. Can put a matching set together, even when bought separately.
  • Ciara: Just wants to chillax, but is prone to a very messy room. Will call you out if you deserve it.
  • Amanda: A necessary foil to the drunks and the punks. Will make you food, and a sweatshirt you can't resist.
  • Kyle: Probably gonna black out, but don't tempt him with a good time.
  • Danielle: Will keep your secrets and her boyfriend to herself. Least problematic and genuinely a good person.
  • Lindsay: If you screw up, she can help with your public image, but you may have to make a PowerPoint to earn the PR maven's trust back. And don't you dare not make her a sandwich.
  • Carl: The Number One Boy.

Let us know in the comments who you'd room with next summer. Are you gonna deal with the garbage for a doubles partner or is the promise of handcrafted brass jewelry gonna win you over?

Images: Bravo

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