Should Hannah Return To 'Summer House' Next Season?

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Should Hannah Return To 'Summer House' Next Season?

After weeks locked inside a $5 million house together, suffice it to say some of the roommates on Summer House aren't too happy with Hannah. And as if summer 2020 wasn't enough, then there was all of the shit that happened after. And by all of the shit, I mean Hannah went on some podcasts and no one is happy about it.
So with Hannah as persona non grata within the house (at least to most of the house), the question has to be asked: should Hannah return to Summer House next season?

The fast facts:

  • Very few of the current cast members are actually friends with Hannah. Friendship seems to be exclusively reserved to those sitting on the same couch with Hannah during the reunion — Paige and Ciara.
  • Hannah didn't play well with others. Despite efforts to move on and move up, Hannah leaned in heavily into the confrontation this season. It wasn't enjoyable to watch, and it didn't seem particularly enjoyable to live.
  • Her co-stars don't seem to particularly want her to be in the house. After the whole podcast drama (click here for a breakdown of exactly what she said about who), no one besides Paige and Ciara seem particularly enthusiastic about spending another summer in a house with her.
  • She wasn't fun. And summer is (say it with me) supposed to be fun.

So should Hannah be in the house? Will Des join? Will the reunion allow the cast to have a kumbaya moment that lets bygones be bygones? Or are we in store for another bummer summer? Let us know in the comments what you want to see!

Images: Bravo

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