'Summer House' Reunion Recap: Luke, Sir, With All Due Respect, You Are A F*ckboi

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'Summer House' Reunion Recap: Luke, Sir, With All Due Respect, You Are A F*ckboi

WE FINALLY HAVE A REUNION THAT DOESN'T TAKE PLACE IN THE CLUBHOUSE FOR OUR SUMMER HOUSE KINGS AND QUEENS. And they deserve it. Year after year, I have to watch the people who bring me so much joy sit in a cramped clubhouse (no shade to Andy) and hold my breath wondering if it will be picked up for another season or not.

But not this year, baby. We have a full decorated set with wicker chairs and summertime vibes. Everyone seems to be in great spirits in the greenroom, getting ready, cheersing with champs. I mean, I'm just like smiling from ear to ear and soaking this up. I am ready.

To start, a lil power ranking.

Best dressed: Danielle. She is BANGIN. And Ciara, because I mean, look at her.

Worst dressed: Paige, which is shocking! But it's true.

Disappointedly dressed: Carl. I really am not feeling the haircut on my baby daddy Carl… it’s too… how do I say this? Douchey. Sweet boy, bad haircut. But then he makes a dad joke aaaaand my ovaries explode so it’s fine.

OK, now that that's out of the way. You know what makes this cast so fucking great? They are so happy to be there. They are excited and smiley, and just like a bunch of little golden retrievers Amanda will foster. They don’t act like they're too good to be there. It kind of reminds me of the RHOSLC reunion. Everyone is just in a good mood (until they’re not) and I am here for it.

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