Craig Gets Even Worse, And So Does Ciara (Sorry!)

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Craig Gets Even Worse, And So Does Ciara (Sorry!)

Let's have a moment of silence for this season of Summer House. And not because of anything bad, but just to appreciate it; to take a moment to really tap in and be like, "god damn it, these chaotic adults really give us so much." It's one of the best seasons we've ever had, but you know what that means? I fear they've peaked and it could go very Vanderpump Rules, very quickly. But let's hope it doesn't.🤞Moving on...

The last two episodes have been preparing us for the actual confrontation between Danielle Olivera and Ciara Miller. We first set the stage with the Austen Kroll, Lindsay Hubbard, and the twisted fairytale love triangle, and then on Monday night, we got Ciara's "speech" to Lindsay about friendship.

I wouldn't necessarily say the beginning of this episode had a lot of "filler," because I think it really laid the ground work for the last 15 minutes. Sure, we saw Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke discussing whether or not they should get a prenup, which we know they do and thank God they did; not that I think they will divorce, but just because of the whole Loverboy aspect, I feel that could get ugly.

But honestly, I wonder how authentic this conversation actually was, it just feels a little over-produced by Kyle to create some tension or get him screen time. Because Amanda was literally confused why this was conversation that needed to happen right then and there, and not over the last three years they have been engaged. Idk, felt... odd.

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