Paige Gets Busy Setting Up A Spinoff While Ciara Sulks & Lindsay Drinks

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Paige Gets Busy Setting Up A Spinoff While Ciara Sulks & Lindsay Drinks

It's been seven days and I am still trying to wrap my head around last week's episode of Summer House, when everyone moved on from an explosive fight where glasses and candelabras were thrown and then... nothing really happened (?) It what was supposed to be an epic episode, but I was left feeling angry, confused, and underwhelmed. I mean, the fact that Craig Conover came out looking like a damn gentleman who made sense was just too much for me. That's when you know the episode was off.

So, on Monday's episode, when they said they only had two more weekends at the house, I was like well, I better soak in whatever they are going to give us these next few weeks and stop complaining. Because I know that once the show is done, I will miss it for another year.

So let's get into what they gave us.

The man, the myth, the... Alex Wach is back in the house! He has made his return after not being in the house, or featured in an episode, for weeks. Let me make this clear, I do not think this man is made for TV (he is a bore and overall a dud) but the mystery around editing him out of Lindsay's birthday episode just really got me curious and made me kind of miss ole ground turkey boy! Who else is going to food-shame the ladies in the house and not want to participate in shot for shots?! Welcome back Alex!

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