Is Hannah On 'Summer House' DefenSIVE, Or Is She DefendING?

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Is Hannah On 'Summer House' DefenSIVE, Or Is She DefendING?

On Thursday night's Summer House Season 5 finale, we got some great Bravo editing of Hannah Berner's conversation with Amanda Batula and Paige Desorbo, co-starring Ciara Miller and Danielle Olivera. And it left us with two big questions: one, is Hannah defensive, or is she defending? And two, where is my Loverboy, I ordered it last week!

Anyway, here's what happened. Hannah goes to talk to the girls about the ridiculous things Luke Bobby said to her at the beach about not wanting to grab a beer with Des. The girls are like, well, we didn't really get a chance to know Des, and the guys didn't, either, so. Then Hannah says that she told Des the things that Kyle has said to her in the past, and Des wasn't too happy about it, so.

"Is Hannah defenSIVE, or defendING?"

Then Amanda throws her arms in the air and mutters something like, "why are you making Kyle seem like the bad guy" and Hannah interprets this as Amanda "coming at her," and storms off.

Then we get some excellent Bravo editing, as I mentioned.

In two different scenes that are perfectly spliced together, we see Hannah vent to Ciara about how she's just defending herself, and in the other scene, we see Paige telling Amanda and Danielle that Hannah just gets so defensive.

So which is it?

Is Hannah DefenSIVE?

✍🏻Paige says that Hannah thought she was the "worst friend" last summer for pointing out that Luke played her, and she doesn't want to get involved in any more of Hannah's boyfriends because Hannah gets so defensive of them.

✍🏻Amanda doesn't like that Hannah spins Kyle into being the bad guy, when really, Hannah shares some blame in their toxicity.

✍🏻Hannah's flip-flop from Luke to Des shocked everyone, including Luke. She made it seem like Luke fucked her over, but this whole time, she was talking to Des?

✍🏻Danielle claims that Hannah "does not want to hear it" and Amanda thinks that Hannah has shot her down "multiple times" when they say anything critical of her man.

✍🏻Danielle doesn't like that they all get so nervous about confronting Hannah about something (vis a vis, her relationship with her boyfriend.)

Is Hannah DefendING?

✍🏻Hannah tells Ciara that she's not defensive, she's defending herself, and she'll "fight all day on that. I'll fight for my man!" she says, because it's like "last summer all over again" when Paige and Amanda came at her about her boyfriend (er, "boyfriend") Luke.

✍🏻Hannah wishes that her friends would just "get it more" and believes it's "always something" when it comes to the guys she dates.

✍🏻Hannah thinks Kyle disrespects her and is sick of Amanda putting up with his bullshit, and feels the need to stick up for herself when Kyle comes for her, even if Amanda is collateral damage.

So, is Hannah defending her relationship against haters who just don't understand, or is Hannah too defensive when her friends confront her about the unhealthy things they think they see in her relationships?? See ya in the comments.


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