Don't Forget Carl Liked Ciara, Making This 'Winter House' Triangle Even Messier

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Don't Forget Carl Liked Ciara, Making This 'Winter House' Triangle Even Messier

There is always a lot going on in the Bravo Cinematic Universe; it's a constantly evolving and changing galaxy of chaos. Someone is always fighting, fucking, or making up. And sometimes it all happens in the same episode. So it's easy to forget things that have happened, even it was only a few months ago. In Montauk. On camera.

Recently, it has been made fairly obvious that Summer House stars Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard are a couple. Even though I don't think they'll come out and say it (why ruin a good storyline for Season 6) the show wrapped up filming in September and we've been getting hints that they're together ever since. Case in point, their Halloween couple's costume. Frances and Johnny from Dirty Dancing? They're dating.

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But on Winter House at the moment, we're currently watching quite the love triangle.

  • Lindsay loves Austen
  • Austen loves Lindsay... like a sister
  • Austen likes Ciara
  • Ciara kinda likes Austen
  • Aaannnnnd a couple of months later, we have Lindsay dating Carl...
  • But wasn't Carl interested in Ciara at one point?

What started as a Lindsay/Austen/Ciara triangle now has Carl in it, which makes it one giant, messy square.

During Season 5 of Summer House, which was Ciara's first season, Carl, who notoriously hooks up with at least one housemate a summer (Lauren Wirkus, Danielle Olivera, Lindsay Hubbard, Jules Daoud, and Paige DeSorbo), had his eye on Ciara, the fresh meat.

Carl flirted with her and said she had a cute butt, and he complimented her maturity and her calm vibe. (Personally, I would pass away if Carlito ever said I had a cute butt, just so you know.)

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