Carl & Mackenzie's Dating Timeline On 'Summer House' Is Short & Sweet

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Carl & Mackenzie's Dating Timeline On 'Summer House' Is Short & Sweet

Carl 6.0 Pro Max has entered the chat and is crushing it this summer on Summer House. While we know that his fling with Ciara (who may or may not count) and anyone after won't result in a serious relationship (hello Hub House), it's still fun to see this new and improved version of Carlito crushing it.

Carl's relationship with Mackenzie Dipman, from Love Island, is currently what fans are most interested in. We know that Carl and Lindsay get together at the end of the summer, early fall, so despite it being fun to see this convergence of reality stars on our screen, we know it won't last. However, the timeline does beg for some answers... So let's start from the beginning.

March 2021

Mackenzie and her Love Island boyfriend Connor breakup. They had been together since the show ended in the summer of 2020.

End of May/Beginning of June 2021

Carl and Mackenzie are spotted at Ready Rooftop in the East Village of New York City. Mackenzie doesn't live in New York (she's in Arizona and California), but what's a reality star influencer if not a frequent visitor of both coasts?

Image: Reddit

Summer 2021

On the date seen in the episode, Carl and Mackenzie talk about a trip to California. The exact date is unclear, but we know it happened before August 4.

Week of Aug. 4, 2021

Carl and Mackenzie go on a date at Ampia in the Financial District. (We can guess the timing because Kyle's birthday was also in this past episode, which is August 4.)

Week of Aug. 11 2021

Mackenzie was seen in the Hamptons with the crew (including Austen Kroll) for Lindsay's birthday weekend. (Swipe to see Mackenzie.)

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Sept. 26, 2021

Carl and Lindsay confess their feelings for each other (at least this is the way the trailer makes it seem) at Kyle and Amanda's wedding. The start of something more, it seems...

Even more recently, Mackenzie posted on her story confirming that her and Carl were seeing each other last summer and that we "haven't seen the last of" her.

Image: Instagram, @mackenziedipman

So what happened between Aug. 11 and Sept. 26? Guess we'll have to tune in to find out.

Image: Bravo

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