Are Lindsay & Jason Dating After 'Winter House'? This Timeline Explains Their Relationship

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Are Lindsay & Jason Dating After 'Winter House'? This Timeline Explains Their Relationship

I imagine a big old wooden cabin like the one the Winter House cast is staying in can get drafty. I also imagine that the basement, where Julia and Lindsay Hubbard are sleeping for 17 drunken nights, can be particularly chilly in the dead of winter. So can I blame my girl Hub House for doing the lord's work and finding someone to snuggle up to with a room above sea level?

Love is in the air for Jason and Lindsay on Winter House after two failed attempts at different relationships for both parties involved. Perhaps game recognizes game and the scorned lovers found each other in a rather fragile time, or perhaps they both just realized they have about two weeks left to make the most of the reality-show-turned-mating-season. Either way, they deserve it.

But where do the two land now? Are they together? Are they friends? Was it all a fever dream brought on by Fireball and windburn?

Both Enter The House Single

Lindsay <3 Austen

As painful as it may be to be reminded of this, Lindsay came into the Winter House house with one thing on her mind — blacking out on Fireball. But then, after that to-do, which she accomplished swiftly, it was to profess her love to Austen Kroll.

Jason <3 Gabby

Even though the two were friends before Winter House, Jason and Gabby were never more. That was until Julia encouraged him to shoot his shot with fellow model Gabby, despite her being very obviously into Luke.

Both Are Rebuked

Austen <3 Lindsay... like a sister

Lindsay's love proclamation didn't receive the warmest reaction from Austen, in that the following day he drew a very clear line for his and Lindsay's friendship. Yes, I said friendship, because he only wants to be friends with Lindsay, despite previously telling her he loved her (he was at a Phish show, my god) and the two hooking up.

Gabby <3 Luke... who loves Julia

Unfortunately for Jason, Gabby was also not excited by his romantic interest in her, either. Gabby was instead focused on her relationship with Luke, who was focused on his relationship with Julia, who was focused on her relationship with her boyfriend.

Which brings us to...

Jason & Lindsay Get Cozy On Winter House

Love is in the chilly bone-dry air in Stowe, Vt. What comes next?

They Date After The Show

Lindsay told ET recently that she and Jason continued to date after Winter House stopped filming, which was evident from the two's Instagram stories. As we know, Jason is a bit of a cook, and the way to Lindsay's heart is through food (and not the takeout kind on her birthday).

Below are a bunch of screenshots taken from April and May of 2021 that show the two eating dinner together, going out to restaurants together, and in general being in each other's presence. Seems promising. (Minus the fact that Carl Radke is also present in one of the hang outs... we'll get to that.)

UPDATE: Lindsay Has A Miscarriage

On the season premiere of Season 6, Lindsay admits to Carl Radke that she suffered a miscarriage at around 6 weeks of pregnancy. She says that she found out she was pregnant and then the next day, was in the emergency room while miscarrying.


Lindsay Talks Fondly About Jason

In October 2021, while doing press for Winter House, Lindsay spoke rather fondly about her relationship with Jason and how surprised she was to connect with someone in the house.

"I did not ever expect to go into that situation ever," Lindsay told ET. "I just thought I was going to go, like, hang out in the snow with my friends, and I did not expect to meet somebody in the process whatsoever. So I think that was probably the most shocking for me, is actually finding a guy and it being this beautiful, amazing, nice guy at that."

Seems like the two are on good terms, at the very least, but Lindsay did not confirm whether the two were still dating at that point. Which only gets more complicated when you consider...

Lindsay And Carl Radke May Be Dating

As for if the two are still dating, we should probably address the 6 ft. Carl Radke-sized elephant in the room. Over the last week or so, Lindsay and Carl — her Summer House co-star and former f*ngerb*nging partner-in-crime (sorry, I just can't go there mentally right now) — have sparked rumors that they're dating. The two showed up to a Halloween party dressed in a couple's costume as Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing, and Lindsay later saying she didn't want to say anything about her relationship with Carlito at the moment.

"A lot has changed within relationships, obviously, we all sort of see the news and the Instagrams, as far as where everyone's at and their status of their relationship ... [and] being able to include some of our Winter House friends in the Summer House, I think you'll be able to see when the new season premiers next year," she told ET. OK, got it. So you guys are totally dating. Sorry, Jason! We'll always have your well-prepared lunches.

Images: Bravo, Lindsay Hubbard/Instagram

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