Are Paige DeSorbo & Craig Conover Still Together, After Everything That's Happened?

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Are Paige DeSorbo & Craig Conover Still Together, After Everything That's Happened?

We're already into the second month of 2022, and it's time to start asking ourselves the tough questions. Are we keeping up with our resolutions? Are we getting any closer to completing a Wordle in three tries? And, is our favorite Winter House turned-Summer House couple Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo still together? The idea of Craige has been in our heads since April of 2021 – that's when rumors started swirling that they were together – and wowowow, we're not that far off from the year anniversary of those rumors, which means: it's time to take stock.

Let's get some basic timeline stuff out of the way, first. As reported by Allison Hunt for The Dipp, here's the Paige and Craig of it all:

  • February 2021, film Winter House
  • April 2021, Paige and Craig seen together in Charleston, sparking dating rumors
  • May, 2021, Paige flies to see Craig again in Charleston, this time after his breakup from Natalie, is girlfriend
  • July, 2021, Summer House starts filming. When it airs in January of 2022, we hear Paige admit that she and Craig are casually dating, and are not exclusive
  • August, 2021, the pair go see the PGA tour in New Jersey
  • September, 2021, the pair share Instagram Stories of them looking all cozy at Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke's wedding.
  • October, 2021, Paige tells Page Six that they're dating, shares couple's costume picture on Instagram
  • November, 2021, they spend Thanksgiving together
  • December, 2021, they go to a ball together

That brings us to January and February of 2022, and – according to all the traveling and Instagramming they're doing together – Paige and Craig are very much still dating.

Sooooo yes, mere minutes before hitting "publish" on this article, Craig implied that he and Paige are still together and taking trips. And, of course, between Jan. 11, 2022 and today, we've seen Paige and Craig in each others' Stories all the time.

Now, the question might not be are they still together, but why are they still together? After last week's Summer House episode in which Craig gaslit the heck out of Paige, called her friends "losers," and proceeded to supposedly lie about his hook up with Kristin Cavallari (Kristin denies they ever hooked up, which could mean Craig fabricated the whole thing) there is a lot of confusion as to reason Paige and Craig decided to stick things out.

In honor of K. Cav, I'll end with: Truth and time tell all. Summer House Season 6 is just getting started.

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