The Most Memorable Times Andy Cohen Lost His Sh*t On Stage

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The Most Memorable Times Andy Cohen Lost His Sh*t On Stage

It's 2018. After a long day, you're cuddled up on the couch with your glass of red wine, ready to indulge in Part 2 of the Real Housewives of New York City reunion. Ramona Singer is attempting to take down Bethenny Frankel for having cameras at Bobby Zarin's funeral to capture a moment between Bethenny and Jill. Then it happens. Andy Cohen snaps at Ramona and corrects the narrative she is trying to spin. Bethenny sits smugly. Life is good.

That right there is one of many moments Andy has frankly just, well, snapped. There's no better word for it. And when he snaps, it gives me a boost. Nothing really rivals an Andy Snapping Feeling, except when I see a public break-up or a storm-off from a couple next to me at dinner.

Let's remember all the times our Andy has snapped, and feel alive together. (Just a heads up I didn't include any of the moments I mentioned in this article about who Andy hates, because hating someone is very different from snapping at someone.) OK! Let's go.

When Andy Lost It On Luke Gulbranson

During the Season 5 reunion of Summer House, Luke Gulbranson made the claim that production set up everything when it came to him asking Hannah Berner to go to Minnesota with him.

Luke says, "I'm clearly going to break the fourth wall and this is something I have to say, sorry guys. I was produced and asked to ask you to go to Minnesota, and I should've never asked you that."

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