Here's What Andrea From 'Summer House' Smells Like

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Here's What Andrea From 'Summer House' Smells Like

Summer is supposed to be fun! And also smell good, apparently, something that Summer House Season 6 star Andrea Denver takes very seriously. Ever since he walked into Winter House, Paige DeSorbo has been swooning over the Italian, even going so far as to say that she can't even look him in the eye because she finds him so attractive.

He's not just hot, though. He's charming and apparently, smells like the high heavens. In the Summer House premiere, Paige mutters to herself, Ciara Miller, and literally anyone who can hear her on mic, about how the Andrea is the "hottest person" she's ever seen in her life. And that he smells great. Later, at dinner, she looks at him across the table and says that she can smell him from her seat. "You smell so good," is the first thing she says to him and you can just tell from her expression that he is ~intoxicating~.

I don't doubt her, but I had questions. What fragrance could get Paige's hormones firing at all cylinders like that? I went straight to the source and slid into Andrea's DMs on a whim and asked him. And like any good Bravoleb would, he answered.

"To be honest with you, I have a huge collection of fragrances," Andrea wrote. He added that during Winter House and Summer House, he was spritzing himself with Black Orchid by Tom Ford and 1 Million by Paco Rabanne. Then, he added that he would send me a picture of some of his "favorite ones." (For the sake of journalism, I couldn't wait.)

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