12 Things To Know About Andrea Denver, 'Winter House's New Star

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12 Things To Know About Andrea Denver, 'Winter House's New Star

Knowing that I have to wait until January to see my favorite New Yorkers take the Hamptons by storm makes me want to cry. But bless the Bravo Gods for thinking ahead and answering my prayers before I even knew I'd have them with the new spin-off, Winter House. As we all know (we've seen the trailers), Winter House is the love child of Southern Charm and Summer House, featuring some cast members from both casts.

It also features this man... Andrea Denver, who is joining Winter House as a friend of a friend and as I always say, any friend of a friend of a friend of people I'm friends with via watching them on TV... is a friend of mine for reasons that will be clear right now.

Meet Andrea, an Italian model turned Bravolebrity who is sure to have Hub House and Paige fawning after him and fighting over him. So to help all us prepare for the premiere tonight, I did a little social media deep dive on our new snow bunny star, for research purposes of course, and have come back with findings I'd like to share with you all.

He's from Verona, Italy

[rich Embed]

So expect to get some European swoon from this guy. And hopefully someone with an idea of how to cook, because I do not trust Austen.

He is very talented at his job

[rich Embed]

He's a professional, what can I say!

He's on the cover of magazines

[rich Embed]

He's like a legit model, not to be confused with an influencer "model." The guy has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram. (To which I say... why does he need Winter House?)

He loves his mom

[rich Embed]

This is always a good sign... and seems right up Paige's alley.

He also loves dogs

[rich Embed]

And I also think he knows how to put together the perfect Instagram photo... Italian model + dogs is a winning formula nine out of 10 times.

He studied at the University of Verona

[rich Embed]

Andrea majored in Communications, which feels like a point for Hub House's very own PR maven, Lindsay.

He works out

[rich Embed]

Not that we needed a picture of him in the gym to tell us this.

He's either 30 or 25

[rich Embed]

Google tells me he's 30.

He likes his skincare routine

[rich Embed]

He likes it even more when he's getting paid to do it. #Influencer.

He likes to get into the holiday spirit

[rich Embed]

It's never too early to spread Christmas cheer.

He also likes to spread positivity

[rich Embed]

This caption just hits harder when it's with a picture of him feeding pigs.

He likes to travel

[rich Embed]

Bonus points if it's on a yacht.

Feel free to do you own "research" on his Instagram here.

Images: Bravo

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