Here's Why Shiv Isn't Pregnant On 'Succession'

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Here's Why Shiv Isn't Pregnant On 'Succession'

Tom may not have been munching on walnuts in Season 3 of Succession, but like his daddy-in-law Logan, he has dreams of having an heir. Shiv hasn't been so keen on the idea, but there were some clues that Shiv could be pregnant on Succession. Yet, I'm here to say that Succession wouldn't go that basic route (was is this, a 1990s sitcom with a ratings slump?!). So I choose to believe that any indicators of Shiv being pregnant were intentionally misleading and just a way to keep viewers spinning theories until Season 4.

Before I say why I don't think Shiv is pregnant, let me say that there have been enough hints (especially for Succession) to make this a legitimate theory. Here are the clues that Shiv could be pregnant:

  • Tom tracked Shiv's menstrual cycle in "Retired Janitors of Idaho" — he can't help it, he's like a dog.
  • Tom referenced Nero and Sporus in "Lion in the Meadow" — he told Greg, "Well, Nero pushed his wife down the stairs." Many accounts say that Nero's wife, Poppaea Sabina, was pregnant with her second child when she died. Tom mentioned Sporus again in the finale and with his betrayal, he kind of "killed" Shiv.
  • Shiv skipped her first board meeting at the beginning of "Chiantishire" — she presumably did it because she was angry at Roman and Logan for keeping her out of deals, but could her claims of not feeling well really be morning sickness?
  • Shiv didn't drink during her mother's wedding at all in "All the Bells Say" — most notably, there was no champagne in her glass during her wedding toast and instead, it appears she's toasting with water.
  • Shiv touched her stomach after seeing Tom's betrayal at the end of "All the Bells Say" — is she feeling her betrayer's child inside her?! How dramatic!
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Now, let's look at the clues that she's not pregnant:

  • Shiv drank wine before her mom's wedding in "Chiantishire" — Greg delivered her a glass of white and she poured herself a big old glass of red before having sex with Tom.
  • Shiv smoked a cigarette with her mom in "Chiantishire" — I wouldn't put it past Shiv to have a puff or two knowing she was pregnant, but still.
  • She really doesn't want to have babies with Tom, like really. And though Shiv is often accused of thinking she's more capable than she actually is, I think she'd have every contingency plan in place to make sure she wouldn't get pregnant by accident.

These facts might not be proof that she's not pregnant. But there are notable contradictions between the clues she is pregnant and the ones she's not. For example, her drinking. She drank days before her mother's wedding day. And though she did have sex between the bachelorette party and the wedding, she clearly wasn't actively trying to get pregnant since she was busy telling Tom the most she could commit to was freezing embryos. And even if she had wanted to get pregnant then, would she not have had a sip of champagne a day or so after a potential fertilization and before implantation? Maybe she knew she couldn't drink the day of her mother's marriage (she doesn't like to drink during the workday) and give a reasonably nice toast. Or maybe the champagne just wasn't up to Roy standards since Roman dumped his in the previous episode.

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