The 'Succession' Poster Pairings: Fan Service Or Indicators Of The Season 3 Alliances?

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The 'Succession' Poster Pairings: Fan Service Or Indicators Of The Season 3 Alliances?

Tom and Greg. Kendall and Logan. Gerri and Roman. Shiv and Connor?? Most of the duos on the Succession Season 3 posters make perfect sense for marketing the highly-anticipated new season, out on Oct. 17. But others — well, really just the one — are more of a head-scratcher. But even when the pairings are obvious, the body language in these posters featuring iconic Succession character combos is worth calling a board meeting over.

If you were to go off the number of likes that these new posters got on social media when they dropped on Sept. 27, the most popular Succession duo is (surprise surprise) none other than J. Smith-Cameron's Gerri Kellman and Kieran Culkin's Roman Roy. They're followed by Matthew Macfadyen's Tom Wambsgans and Nicholas Braun's Cousin Greg Hirsch. But besides giving the Succession stans what they so desire (why don't you just go ahead and kiss Gerri and Roman? kiss, I say!), these posters may also be revealing some alliances and power dynamics for Season 3.

Tom & Greg

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You can't make a Tomelette without breaking some Greggs. And Tom looks very much like he wants to break Greg with his menacing look and Greg's worried face. But doesn't Greg have the upper hand this season? Greg gave Kendall the cruise scandal documents for his uprising in the Season 2 finale. So Tom should be quite concerned with all the dirt Greg has on him.

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