When Will These Two Bone?

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When Will These Two Bone?

Roman's apprenticeship under Gerri has begun, but when does Roman get under Gerri? Because Roman and Gerri must have sex on Succession. Otherwise, what has all this slime puppy sexual tension been for?

I'm not saying that Logan Roy's third born and the acting Waystar Royco CEO should rush the foreplay. Just as in sex, the anticipation can sometimes be better than the actual finish. And to Shiv's point, would Roman even be able to complete the act? There's been no evidence that he can. But the one-sided phone sex, bathroom jerk-offs, and company alliance all point to this season culminating in Roman and Gerri riding each other off into the sunset.

Recent legend has it that the writers included the sexual storyline for Roman and Gerri in Season 2 due to Kieran Culkin and J. Smith-Cameron having their characters flirt in Season 1. Particularly, an improvised scene of their characters checking out each other's butts (the scene was sadly cut). But, perhaps except for some of Cousin Greg's lines, Succession is not the kind of show to pander to its audience. So are the writers toying with the Gerri-Roman hive like Gerri toys with Roman, her revolting little worm?

Gerri stated in the Season 3 premiere that she's as successful as she is because she avoids mess. And, in fact, her hands (unlike Roman's) are clean of any direct sexual act. Sure, it would be rather Clintonian of her to say no sexual relations have happened between them, but with her taking a photo of the news ticker naming her as temporary Waystar Royco CEO (so pure, so Boomer), this new role is probably more important to her than having Roman's P in her V.

But if Gerri learns that she's only a puppet — with Shiv pulling her strings as Logan's puppet master proxy — maybe she'll throw caution to the wind and bed the disgusting little pig. Because whenever she gives the green light, Roman will lay her badly, but gladly.

Images: Peter Kramer/HBO, HBO

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