How To Channel Roy Family Energy In 2022

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How To Channel Roy Family Energy In 2022

Succession's Roy family is highly domineering, affluent, and completely dysfunctional. They genuinely reveal how corrupt money and power can make a person and divide a family. However, if we break down the family tree and look at each core member separately, there are, in fact, desirable characteristics we can pick from each.

If we learn to channel their energy in 2022, we're guaranteed to boost a greater self-confidence that will likely bring success in our personal and professional lives. No matter if you'd like a billion dollar empire or just, you know, a 3% inflation raise at work, the Roy energy has you covered.

Logan Roy

The patriarch of the family and the creator of the entire Waystar Royco conglomerate, Logan has a frightening amount of self-assuredness. And, as with any powerhouse, there's no way he got there by playing nice. After all, his favorite phrase is "fuck off," and nobody in his life, not his employees and certainly not his children, is safe from his fiery rage.

If we dilute his supreme confidence, there's still plenty leftover. Therefore, if you're someone who plays it too nice too often, implement a bit of Logan energy into your "new year, new me," and don't be afraid to tell the hater's to FUCK OFF!!!

Marcia Roy

Similar to Shiv Roy's husband Tom Wambsgans, Marcia's not entirely accepted by the Roy family. However, unlike Tom, she doesn't seem to care. She stands her ground and isn't afraid to let the children know she's there to stay.

If people in your life aren't as supportive as you'd like, then maybe the key is finding your place and reminding yourself you're there for a reason. After all, you are your biggest supporter, so fight for your spot at the table, ala Marcia.

Connor Roy

Oh Connor, the forgotten firstborn who suffers from a middle child complex. Without a doubt he's the black sheep of the family who hasn't seen much success in his life other than whatever he's cumulated riding on the coattails of his father's wealth and power... and yet he's somehow found interest in running for president, without any qualifications whatsoever.

Now, I'm not saying you should totally con your way into a position, but maybe rethink your hesitancy for whatever you feel under-qualified. Because I can promise, nobody starts off an expert. Believe in yourself, Connor-style.

Kendall Roy

Kendall's a severe paradox. Sometimes he acts supremely confident with blatant disregard to the world around him, while other times, he hides behind daddy to clean up his messes. Though one thing's for sure, his inflated ego pushes him to put himself first, even if it means stepping on multiple toes, including his father's.

There's still something to take away from his skewed point of view. Next time, try putting on your noise-canceling headphones, singing loudly, and manifesting main character vibes.

Roman Roy

While Roman is completely unhinged, he's somehow still calculated and alert. He tells it like it is, often in an extreme manner. And although he deflects his deep-seated self-doubt with jokes, he's a fun guy who lightens up the room.

So, take it from Roman. Don't take life too seriously, bring humor into the new year and when things get tough, remind yourself to laugh.

Shiv Roy

Shiv may be the youngest and the only daughter, but she's figured out how to use these to her advantage. Out of all of her siblings, I'd argue she's the most like Logan. She doesn't doubt who she is or her abilities. Well, up until Tom betrayed her and ruined her life, but still.

Figure out a way to take your perceived weaknesses and turn them into your greatest strengths. Know who you are, and don't let others try and define you.

Tom Wambsgans

Tom wants nothing more than to be accepted into the Roy family, and since he's married to Shiv, we'll grant him this wish. I've heard him described as a dark horse, and I honestly couldn't agree more. At his core, he's a softie who's caught up in a game he can't quite keep up with. However, his devotion and impenetrable love for the Roy family – not necessarily Shiv – should be recognized.

Don't be afraid to love someone or something as much as Tom loves keeping his power. But, use Tom as a cautionary tale, find a healthy balance, and avoid losing sight of yourself and your own happiness.

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