Would A Bagel Kill A Bunny? Let's Investigate This 'Succession' Crime

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Would A Bagel Kill A Bunny? Let's Investigate This 'Succession' Crime

Kendall Roy has made no bones about wanting to kill his father on Succession. But killing a bunny? That seems low even for him. Yet, after Kendall bought a giant rabbit for his kids on Succession, he allowed Sophie and Iverson's new pet to eat a bagel in "Retired Janitors of Idaho." Quite predictably, the rabbit got sick. So would a bagel kill a bunny?

First and foremost, it does not seem that the giant rabbit on Succession died from its exposure to a bagel. That is as long as Kendall's people doctor was as capable as rabbit care as Kendall believed him to be. But the bagel did make the bunny sick, just as Sophie and Iverson's caregiver Bianca said it would. But as a Roy, the rules did not apply to Kendall. "OK, Bianca. Let the rabbit have some bagel. Those rules are for fuckheads who are going to go to Tampa and leave a rabbit with a Big Gulp and a dozen cinnamon raisin. A little's not gonna hurt, yeah?" Kendall told her. But spoiler alert: A little did hurt. And Succession fans saw this coming just as poor Jess did. (Jess, I beg of you, get another job. And you too, Bianca!)

In "Lion in the Meadow," Kendall seemed like a responsible rabbit owner — ordering Jess, "Just make sure the rabbit has water," before he boarded the helicopter to Josh's island. But with the Roy family's power over Waystar Royco on the line, he couldn't be bothered. He just wanted to make Sophie happy. And nothing says father of the year like winning your child's love by allowing them to poison their bunny.

When it comes to rabbits, these herbivores have very sensitive tummies and should be eating a diet of hay, approved fruits and vegetables, and high-fiber pellets — not starchy bread products. What happens when they eat bread? Well, one rabbit owner wrote in the forum section of a house rabbit website that her bunny had gotten a hold of a cinnamon raisin bagel. (I'm convinced the Succession writers stumbled on this same thread when writing the episode.) After eating it, the bunny developed stasis. GI stasis is a digestive tract issue where food gets impacted and stuck in the rabbit's stomach or intestine, and it can be deadly. Thankfully, like the Roy family pet, the cinnamon-raisin-bagel-eating bunny made a recovery after visiting the vet.

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Since Kendall may be distracted by his dad ghosting him, he hopefully won't fire Bianca over the sick rabbit. After all, it was Ken's desire to make his "wild honey pie" of a daughter happy that led to the bunny getting sick in the first place. Time to put away the donuts and find that giant carrot Iverson had been Googling.

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