Duffer brothers explain why they don't kill off characters like GoT

Though we're all sad about [SPOILER] this season (iykyk), the Duffer Brothers came out recently to talk about how they're not like GoT — as in, they won't kill characters just for the shock value of it all. As they said:

"Just as a complete hypothetical, if you kill Mike, it's like... That's depressing... We aren't Game of Thrones. This is Hawkins, it's not Westeros. The show becomes not Stranger Things anymore because you do have to treat it realistically, right?"


I actually love this approach. For some reason, in the past 10 years, it's largely believed that in order for a show to be good, they have to kill off main characters when you least expect it. While plot armor can often be annoying on some shows, it's often annoying because of poor writing that leads to that plot armor. On a show like Stranger Things, where the writing is excellent, we don't need tragedy to enjoy what we're seeing on screen. TV writers and producers need to realize we can save our faves and still create quality television.

Of course, this is basically all in the hope that they allow Steve to live out his dream in the Winnebego, but, still — I respect this stance tenfold!